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Who exactly is Sutton Forest Quarries Pty Ltd?

The two organisations that have combined their professional resources to form Sutton Forest Sand Quarries Pty. Ltd. are in fact two of Australia’s leading resource, construction and recycling companies. They have 55 years and 59 years experience in their multi-disciplinary fields respectively.

They are the Hi-Quality Group, (Est. in 1964), which operates a variety of resources, construction and recycling facilities in N.S.W. and Victoria and the Tulla Group (Est. 1960), which is a highly regarded property, construction, and mining resource organisation. Both companies are family owned and have successfully built their businesses to become the viable, successful and progressive organisations that they are today. Both companies have their headquarters in Sydney and utilise ‘best practice’ systems and methodologies in their operations. Each company also has an intensive environmental management plan and standards that are fully accredited.
Additional background supporting information can be obtained from their corporate group websites:

This Quarry will maintain an ‘open door’ policy as a normal part of its corporate citizenship policy and just being a good neighbour.

  • We view the people in the surrounding communities as both stakeholders in our activities and our recognised neighbours and we encourage open and direct communication. If you have a question about our activities – ask us and we will provide the answer. It is important that SFQ has engaged a team of independent geological and environmental specialist organisations to assist with the data, standards, knowledge and ongoing auditing required to develop the planning and future operation of this project.
  • Sutton Forest Quarries Pty. Ltd. also looks forward to making a substantial contribution to the region’s industry productivity and employment goals.

 This website sets out to highlight and respond to the community concerns and questions that have been raised during the public exhibition process. As additional reports and expert findings are undertaken, these will be published on this site.

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